[NEWS] 12.02.28 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun can’t sleep, gives us pictures

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was doing his utmost best to sleep, but found he couldn’t do so, so he instead went on Twitter and gave fans some sweet selcas to pass the time.

He tweeted, “I tried to sleep but I’m throwing in some grateful selcas of the presents that I gratefully received on the day of my birthday but haven’t been able to open and see yet..^^”, and posted four selcas. One such selca showed a picture of the singer, presumably from the recent Super Show 4 in Singapore. Other selcas included some delicious food, gifts, and a taxi bearing his picture.


Please give us more pictures soon, Kyuhyun!

Taken from: Emily Wu@ningin.com ; shared by fanny@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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