[FAN ACC] 12.02.18 Super Show 4 SG by Our Staff




I, Nabila, went to Singapore with Hani, Putu (forsujuindo admins), Muthia (SS4Indonesia admin), and Novia (my friend). 5 of us came to Singapore on Thursday, 16 February 2012. We arrived at Changi Airport at Terminal 2. We rushed to terminal 1 to meet Donghae and Siwon because they arrived at the same time with us. Unfortunately, we were late just about 3 minutes and they were already left -.-
About 3 o’clock, we walked from our apartment to plaza Singapore and we arrived at 3.40. plaza Singapore was already crowded. they made an open stage for Skip beat fan signing so we could saw them free HAHAHAHA.
At 7, Donghae and Siwon came, Novia and Putu luckily were at 1st level when they came to the stage and Putu took a fancam of Siwon from less than 1 meter 😉
I, Hani, and Muthia just saw them from above. We couldn’t stand the crowded so we just saw them about 15 minutes. We went out from Plaza Singapore through the door nearest the stage so we had chance to see Donghae and Siwon from near before went out. We stopped for a moment to admire their handsome face but the security kept saying “keep moving keep moving”. believe me, Siwon and Donghae were HANDSOME!!


We came to SIS at 12 o’clock, we ate first before queuing for goodies. About 13.30 we queued, and we got our goodies 15 minutes before SIS north gate opened -.- (open gate at 5 o’clock)
1st song was SUPERMAN. When VCR was playing I didn’t pay attention to the VCR and just admiring the sapphire blue sea. So beautiful~~~. Finally the boys showed themselves and we started to scream like crazy. Opera on the stage. Ryeowook went to our side and went above (naik ke mesin gitu terus keatas gitu maksdunya). The machine stop for a while, Ryeowook looked at me and I just… MONG!
After that was twins and A man in love, they performed on the main stage, nothing special ^^
VCR again and bonamana rock version rocks the stage. I automatically jumped at my seat J
Introducing member session. They started introducing theirselves. From Shindong on the right and Leeteuk at the end. When Kyuhyun indtroduced himself, he nonstop said yeah yeah with hand gesture and made Leeteuk, Siwon, followed him. He was so funny
Leeteuk introduced himself as a president of the girls. Indeed our leader 😀 leader mentioned some country, include Indonesia ^^
Next song was you’re my endless love and oops!. Amber and Sulli joint the stage. Heechul VCR came out and I started screaming since my 1st bias is Heechul hohohoho
After that was wonder boys and rokkugo. Siwon came to our section and stood near my seat. He shook hands with some fans. Admin Hani touched Siwon’s hand and i did nothing because just suddenly blank because of his wonderful hand (?). his hand looks so strong to hold a girl :p
VCR walkin’ started. Eunhyuk damn handsome at that VCR! And walkin’ came out. I really like this performance the best on that day. They looked handsome and mature J
After that was some members solo stage.
The first solo stage was Henry’s. he sang I wanna be a billionare, lazy song, and a song that I forgot what’s the title hahahaha. He played guitar first, and then piano and the last was violin. He played his violin extremely well! I just…… speechless.
After that was Eunhyuk solo, say my name. he paused his performance and asked elfs what’s his name and we answered “LEE HYUKJAE” he kept asking what’s his name and we kept answering “Lee Hyukjae” he laughed and then said “allright, my name is Lee Hyukjae” he continued his performance and then came to my side again and went above. He did a cool pose and looked around my area J
Sungmin solo. He danced well and showed us his another charm. My ming~~~
Kyuhyun solo next. Isn’t she lovely. As usual, his voice just amazing
Moves like jagger on the stage, Ryeowook sat on the sofa and started singin and dancing. He was so so hot! He showed his abs and we screamed of course.
Leeteuk Solo. He played his saxophone and then smile. His smile was so cute. After that he played the piano and then he sang She. Unluckily, he didn’t go to my section ;(
Shindong solo! Shidnong was so so funny! With his trouble maker and bubble pop! He shook his hips well XD. Shindong wore a basketball uniform (?) (seragam buat main basket gitu deh, apa ya namanya lupa pokoknya) and we all could see his tattoo on his left hand.
Next song was feels good! The second performance i like the best~~
Concert moved to good friends VCR. Marylin Ming came to my side and the same time I saw Siwon held a superman doll and showed it to Yesung / Donghae (I forgot). But the distance between Siwon and I was quite far, and Ming just stood beside me so I focused to Sungmin. Sungmin was so pretty being Marylin Monroe!!! And his back is so flawless white. He had to go back to the center of the stage. While he was on the way to the center, some fans threw dolls to him. 1 doll hit him (remember, it was a doll. Hurtless), and he pretended to get angry to that fan. When ming reached the center, some boys started to play with ming’s dress. And Ming gave them a high kick! Kkkkkk~
Still at good friends song, I saw Yesung ate an apple and then he threw the apple to VVIP area -.-
VCR hockey and perfection came up. Continued with Acha.
Mr. Simple VCR. Some members topless on that VCR J
During Mr. simple, the fanchants was so loud!! The wore LED jacket and then they moved to don’t don. Don’t don ended
Zhoumi solo. He sang a Chinese song. I thought he would sing Because of you like he did at SS4 Osaka, but still his voice was so amazing J
Siwon came out with his band sang your grace is enough. I love his voice~
Yesung solo with kiss me darling. No doubt with his voice
Donghae solo with This is Love (skipbeat OST) I really love this song, I couldn’t believe I already saw him singing this song live :3
VCR first love, Donghae’s smile in this VCR was poison.
And then oppa oppa-Eunhae Duet. Donghae : “I say Donghae, you say oppa” Eunhyuk : “I say myeolchi, you say oppa”
After that VCR KRYDS drama. They acting skill is good~ they sang storm after the VCR. While they were singing, fake snow fell down and it really made a good effect. Too bad they removed Y from the songlist T-T
Ment time
All members gathered on the main stage. Eunhyuk picked some fake snow and said “this is paper” and then Leeteuk said “this is snow” and the two started to debate. At the end Leeteuk asked elfs “this is paper? This is snow?” we answered and after that he said we all smart -.-
“find Super Junior girlfriend” session. Leeteuk asked Sungmin about his ideal type. And then Sungmin chosed a girl from moshpitt area, but that girl held Kyuhyun fan hahahaha. Yesung teased us by trying to hold that girl from behind and we all screamed!! The boys asked her who is her boyfriend and she said Kyuhyun.
For the fair play (?) Sungmin and Kyuhyun had to show their talent. Sungmin sang it has to be you to that girl (after that Siwon blew the papers to Sungmin)and Kyuhyun danced oppa oppa with Eunhyuk (if im not wrong) and then the girl had to choose between Kyuhyun and Sungmin by giving a back hug. Siwon pretended to be the girl and gave Kyuhyun a hug, Kyuhyun got mad to Siwon hahaha. But finally the girl chose Kyuhyun and other members laughed at SUngmin and said “stupid stupid” to him (poor Ming) and. After that Kyuhyun taught the girl (and us) how to dance ‘you and I’ Kyuhyun tried to speak English but failed. He kept saying “you know….” And giggled. Siwon who stood beside him said “know what?!” LOL. Then after that Kyuhyun escorted the girl back to the moshpitt and the boys started singing you and i
During you and I, all members went to our side, and I just stand right in front of them. I could see Donghae and Kyuhyun’s face clearly. They danced sorry sorry. Kyuhyun told Donghae to dance like Donghae usually did, with his hips. And Donghae just laughed hahahaha.
After that was lovely day and our love. Lovely day has Eunhae moment and Our love fanchants was loud too J
They boys went to the backstage and Doremi VCR played. Cute VCR. The sound of Super Junior. And I laughed because of Siwon – Shindong love line kkkk~
During white Christmas, Shindong came to our side, and I held my towel. He read my towel and then looked at me. But he was distracted by the fans who want took a Polaroid with him.
All boys went to backstage again, we started to say “encore encore!”
Dancing out and sorry as the final song. Before they went around, they called Henry and Zhoumi to come to the stage and introduced themselves. Henry said something in Singlish. He was so cute :3
Ending, they went around. Leeteuk again mentioned Indonesia again and all Indonesians elf screamed loudly. Henry came to our area and he such a cute boy. He is so white as well and he was smile to our area.

Some moment I forget where it should be placed:
Leeteuk saw our towel. but again…………… he was distracted by the fans who want took a Polaroid with him. Same case
Kyuhyun shook hands with fans at my area too, his hand was right in front of me but stupidly I did nothing because I stared at his hand. So white…………
Hani and I threw our towel and its touched Leeteuk and Siwon.
Donghae did kiss bye to some fans beside my section.
Leeteuk asked Sungmin to run to the water.
The center stage naik ke atas (apa deh itu bahasa inggrisnya gatau) and the boys did want-to-sit pose (setengah berdiri setengah duduk, tp bukan jongkok)
In one song, a fan threw a buzz lightier boxer to the stage and Siwon picked and wore it directly. At the same time he lifted Henry.

So that was my and my friends fan account. I couldn’t remember all the song and all the moment. Sorry if I do mistakes and forget some songs. I really tried my best to re-call all my memories. I hope I could see them again someday

Written by @nabilaself at FORSUJUINDO
Thanks for other admins (Putu and Hani) and Special thanks to Muthia at @SS4ForIndonesia

 2nd FAN ACC

SS4 di Singapore sebenernya 2 hari, tapi berhubung keterbatasan dompet akhirnya gw cuma dateng di hari pertama, tanggal 18 Februari 2012. Ternyata saking katanya SS4 SG ini yang paling mendekati Seoul, banyak banget fans yang jauh-jauh dateng dari Jepang, Filipina, bahkan Perancis! Banyak juga yang bela-belain nonton 2 hari berturut-turut. Puas-puasin kali ya mumpung bisa nonton 😀

Hari pertama gate open jam 5. Terus sekitar jam 6.20 lampu udah dimatiin dan muncul klip opening di layar. Semua fans histeris termasuk saya 😀 daaannn.. ga berapa lama kemudian Suju oppa muncul dengan lagu Superman. Beberapa dance number dari Suju such as Don’t DonBonamana, Mr. Simple, A-cha, dll ditampilkan di awal-awal sampai pertengahan konser.

Oke sebelumnya gw minta maaf dulu karena gw ga bisa foto apa-apa di sana, soalnya security bener-bener ketat dan rese, jadi gw ga berani bawa kamera. Banyak sih cewe-cewe yang bawa DSLR bahkan, tapi karena ketahuan motret, ada juga yang terpaksa dikeluarin security. Yang paling nyebelin, kalo lo keliatan lagi motret pake kamera hp sekalipun, security yang udah uncle-uncle itu bakalan muncul tanpa perasaan nutupin pemandangan indah Suju oppa yang lagi on stage. Uh-oh!

Enaknya kalo nonton SS, mau duduk atau berdiri di manapun semua kebagian. Maksudnya, selama SS semua member bakal nyebar kemana-mana, ngelilingin panggung dan berinteraksi sama crowd baik di moshpit maupun tribun (dan sebenernya Kyuhyun lebih sering interaksi ke tribun, in fact, almost all the time. hiks, gw di moshpit). Dan harga tiket segitu menurut gw sangatlah worth it buat SS4, karena selain “semua kebagian” yang gw ceritain tadi, efek-efek panggung, kostum, properti, dan performance Suju oppa juga pol-polan banget.

Plusnya lagi, gw ga perhatiin sih di negara lain ada apa nggak, tapi si SG beberapa lagu ada English translation nya di layar, jadi kita bisa ngerti bener lirik lagunya. English translation juga muncul kalo ada dialog di tengah-tengah performance yang pake bahasa Korea, misalnya pas gaeingi nya Kyuhyun, yang dia ngobrol sama dirinya sendiri di layar, itu ada teksnya, jadi penonton bisa ngerti dan enjoy.

Speaking of gaeingi (alias solo), Suju oppa masing-masing menampilkan gaya dan kemampuannya dengan cukup maksimal dalam solo-solo nya. Henry dan Zhoumi juga tampil solo. But if I have to point out which one was the best, I have to go for Eunhyuk though I’m a Kyu bias. Bagian gaeingi Eunhyuk energetic banget, dancenya keren, dan doski bisa bawa crowd dengan sangat baik. Di tengah lagu, musiknya sempat berhenti sebentar, dan dia nanya “What’s my name?” yang dijawab ELF, “Lee Hyukjae!”

Sekali lagi Eunhyuk nanya, “What’s my name?” dan masih dijawab “Lee Hyukjae!” sama ELF. Tadinya dia bilang, “Iya, nama saya Lee Hyukjae, tapi hari ini nama saya bukan Lee Hyukjae.” dan begitu dia nanya lagi semua menjawab “Eunhyuk!!” hahaha. Akhirnya dia nyerah, “Oke, biarin aja deh buat hari ini saya jadi Lee Hyukjae” 🙂

Tempat kedua buat solo gw berikan pada Shindong yang sukses menghibur dengan lagu Trouble Maker dan Bubble Pop. Kocak banget waktu dia sok ganti baju dengan gerakan seksi di balik layar, lol.

Rata-rata buat SS4 kali ini oppa-oppa nyanyiin lagu berbahasa Inggris. Bahkan pas mereka tampil yang sama f(x), Siwon sempet nongol dan ngomong ke Eunhyuk pake bahasa Inggris, “Hello, stupid anchovy.” lol. Henry bahkan ngomong dalam bahasa Inggris dan berusaha nambahin “-lah” biar terdengar Singlish (lol cute :D). Selebihnya mereka ngomong bahasa Korea, tapi diterjemahin ke English. Beberapa yang sempet gw denger Leeteuk dan beberapa member bilang mereka sangat senang bisa ke sini, dan gw juga denger mereka mention Indonesia quite several times.

Oh iya, dari forsujuindo sendiri ada beberapa yang dateng dan mengemban tugas mulia ngelempar handuk, hahaha. Nabila sama Hani yang di tribun, handuknya kena Teukie dan Siwon. Gw sendiri sempet ngasih liat terus lempar handuk ke Teukie (yang emang lagi mangkal nunggu lemparan). Selama konser sering banget Suju oppa ngelempar balik towel/ boneka/ hadiah dari fans. Yang paling kocak, ada yang ngelempar boxer Buzz Lightyear warna hijau mencolok ke Siwon dan dipake terus selama encore, even sampe masuk ke backstage! Lol. Hari itu emang Suju oppa lawakannya pol. Mereka bertingkah aneh-aneh, play around with each other, shaking hands with fans, dan buat kali ini mereka suka banget ngomong “yeaahh” ala gangsta (rapper) gitu. Ada apa aja dikit-dikit Kyuhyun nyeletuk “yeeaahh” hahaha. It was fun and blast, big time.

Waktu mereka milih Super Junior’s Girlfriend, kali ini giliran Sungmin oppa yang milih. “Pacarku punya mata yang besar dan punya kelopak mata,” begitu kata Sungmin. Terus setelah dia milih salah satu cewe yang beruntung, ternyata cewe itu Kyu-bias. Akhirnya Sungmin ngerayu dia buat ngambil hatinya, sementara Kyuhyun nari Oppa Oppa buat nyaingin Sungmin. Akhirnya si cewe tetep milih Kyuhyun dan Sungmin dihujanin potongan kertas sama Yesung dan Teukie. Abis itu mereka disuruh dance bareng dengan gerakan-gerakan simple yang diajarin Kyuhyun (yang dia contek juga sih dari Eunhyuk, hahaha).

Lucunya, karena keterbatasan Kyuhyun dalam berbahasa Inggris, setiap kali dia selesai ngajarin 8 hitungan, instead of using the expression “got it?” or “understand?”, he used “you know?” hahaha. Dan Siwon yang iseng karena bahasa Inggrisnya bagus ngegodain Kyuhyun melulu, “you know what?” yang cuma bisa dijawab Kyuhyun dengan cengengesan dan tetep lanjut “you know? together!” 😀

Di lagu Our Love, di tengah-tengah lagu mereka berhenti sebentar dan balik badan ke layar. Terus diputar klip singkat perjalanan Suju dari awal debut sampai sekarang. Setelah itu mereka balik lagi dan giliran fans yang sing along (buat yang ga hafal ada lirik di layar) buat Suju oppa. It was very emotional, lots of ELFs cried including me 🙂

At the end of the day, Leeteuk menutup konser dengan bertanya, “Bagaimana menurut kalian penampilan kami? Apakah kami sudah cukup baik? Apakah besok kami harus berusaha lebih baik lagi atau menguranginya sedikit? Baiklah, besok kami akan berusaha lebih baik lagi.” Oh sweet Leeteuk 😀 dan nggak lupa, mereka berterima kasih sama ELF dari beberapa negara yang hadir, termasuk Indonesia. “Thank you Indonesia!” yes, you’re welcome, leader, wish to see you again in Jakarta! 🙂

Written by @ichawiratno at FORSUJUINDO


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