[NEWS]12.02.23 Super Show 4 Coming Soon to Indonesia?

On February 19, 2012, around 1700 Kpop fans, mainly ELF (Super Junior fans), were gathered in the multifunction hall of La Piazza – Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta for Kpop Fans Gathering which was held by ShowMaxx Entertainment. Due to the large amount of fans who were coming, this event was divided into two sessions. Fans were amused by the movie screening of ShowMaxx visiting Singapore for Super Show 4.

Meanwhile, at Chatter Box, La Piazza more than 30 reporters were present. Erie Posse, representative of ShowMaxx Entertainment revealed that the company now has a contract, but still cannot guarantee that the concert will happen. There are various factors that could cancel the concert, like in previously-canceled concerts (-not by ShowMaxx though). ShowMaxx also can’t confirm the date, venue and ticket price. The management of Super Junior won’t allow any announcements because negotiations are still occurring to bring Super Show 4 to Indonesia. But if there are no changes, the decision will be announced by the end of this month.

Previously, Showmaxx has brought Incubus and Paramore to Indonesia, and soon Evanescence Live will be in Indonesia on 25 February 2012. ShowMaxx is working hard to make Indonesian ELF’s dreams come true so they won’t only hope but also can watch Super Show 4 live in their own country this year.

Will Super Show 4 Indonesia happen? Please support and pray for them!

Source: written by bluesweater@gokpop.com ; shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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