[NEWS]120202 Shindong’s sister is a fan of B2ST, not Super Junior

Super Junior member Shindong admitted that his sister is a fan of B2ST‘s Lee Kikwang.

On the episode of MBC TV‘s ‘Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert‘ that aired on February 2nd, guest T-ara‘s Jiyeon sadly remarked, “My brother (Park Hyo Jun) likes Hyomin unni better than me. When it was her birthday, he sent her a rush delivery cake, but he never sends things like that for me.

Super Junior’s Shindong seemed to relate and understand how she felt. He offered some comfort by saying, “It’s okay, it’s inevitable because you’re family. My sister isn’t a fan of Super Junior, she likes B2ST. She has one photo featuring both of us in her room and it’s not even a recent photo but rather a photo that we took six years ago. Other than that, her walls are covered with numerous posters of B2ST’s Lee Kikwang.”

In related news, five of the top Hallyu idols guest-featured on this particular episode opened up about the various highs and lows of living life as an idol star.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate ; posted by leesa86@allkpop.com; shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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