[NEWS]12.01.26 Leeteuk confesses Lee Min Jung is his ideal type: “What about Kang So Ra?”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk is seen mentioning actress Lee Min Jung as his ideal type, then taking it back.

On January 25, Leeteuk tweeted “I have a picture with Lee Min Jung down there and thought it was an interesting picture. Isn’t it? It seems that I can never say ‘I’m a fan of someone’ from now on. I’m a big fan of Super Junior. Are you happy? Everyone takes it so seriously. Well, it’s okay because I’m used to hear people making bad comments about me. I’ll live a long life.”

In the morning, Leeteuk tweeted a picture of the 21st High 1 Seoul Music Awards which was held on January 19 with the comment “Lee Min Jung noona gave me this award herself. I’ve seen her on SBS TV’s Healing Camp, and she became my ideal type because she is pretty and has a great heart.”

Netizens who saw his earlier tweet replied him harshly mentioning Kang So Ra, who appears as Leeteuk’s virtual wife on MBC’s We Got Married, giving him a hard time.

Leeteuk added another tweet later in the evening, saying, “Imaginations make people grow while delusions damage its surroundings. These days more and more people tend to have delusions. There isn’t only positive side of the Internet,” indirectly showing his feelings.

Source: TV Report ; posted by hannacha@en.korea.com; shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


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