[NEWS]11.12.22 Donghae, Kangta, Se7en and more to support judges on SBS ‘K-pop Star’

On December 25th, SBSK-pop Star‘ will feature a special panel of judges including HOT‘s Kangta, God‘s Kim Tae Woo, Se7en, Psy and Super Junior‘s Donghae.

The three primary judges(J.Y. Park (JYP), Yang Hyun Suk (YG), and BoA (SM)) will be conducting a 1-on-1 individual audition with the contestants who passed the first round.  The five special judges will make an appearance during these auditions and also chime in giving useful advice and suggestions to the contestants.

The three primary judges were reportedly holding the auditions with the remaining contestants who passed the first round in three separate large rooms.  It was said that there was much applause from JYP and BoA’s room.  However, Yang Hyun Suk was seen scolding many of the contestants that he judged.  Those who gave a good impression to Yang Hyun Suk were praised, but those who didn’t, witnessed first hand of his fury.

The five special panel judges joined their individual label-mates separately to support them in judging the remaining contestants.

A representative of the show shared, “These training sessions will make the program more interesting.  As we move on to the second round, the competition will get more intense and audiences will be able to better see the potential of the remaining contestants.  Please anticipate the second round.”

Source + Photos: mtstarnews via Naver ; posted by MrTuxedo @ allkpop.com; shared by misty@forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com

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