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[NEWS] 11.09.28 KARA’s Gyuri was the first person to wish Super Junior’s Shindong a happy birthday

On September 28th, KARA‘s Park Gyuri celebrated Shindong‘s birthday with a sweet cake and a message! The two are co-DJs on popular radio program, ’Shimshimtapa‘.

Gyuri had tweeted, “Shindong oppa’s birthday is today, September 28th!  Happy birthday, Dongie oppa!  Everyone, please wish him a happy birthday!”

The Super Junior member replied, “Gyuri was the very first person to wish me a happy birthday!  She’s definitely an amazing woman.”

The ‘Shimshimtapa’ official Twitter shared a picture of the two posing before Gyuri’s birthday cake. Shindong celebrated Gyuri’s birthday back in May by giving her a watch made out of Legos, so netizens were happy to see Gyuri return the kind gesture with a cake.

Netizens commented, “I can feel Gyuri’s feelings in her words”, “First person to congratulate him! Wow!”, and “I can really sense their close friendship.”

Source + Photos: X Sports News via Naver
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[PICS/Fan Taken] 11.09.27 Kibum Attending Wandeuki Movie Premiere


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[Interview] 11.09.26 Super Junior, Kim Hee-Chul talks about Korea Army Training Center

What kind of training are you doing, now?

Well, now, we’re doing guerilla tactics training. When we’re moving from one place to another or when we have to overcome ground obstacles, guerilla tactics is necessary in a way that we need to be safe and quick. We cross over a log, or we jump from a high place, and these are all about guerilla tactics.

You have only one week of training left. How do you feel?

Honestly, when I walked into Korea Army Training Center (aka. KATC), I said “I will complete 4 weeks of training, and I will work as a public service worker.” However, I was a bit worried about the whole training.

KATC was a definitely strange place for me, and my leg was injured. So, I thought, ‘well, can I complete all trainings safely?’ and ‘can I get along well with other recruits in my platoon?’

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[NEWS]11.09.28 Heechul finishes his basic military training and will begin his public service

On September 1st at 1PM KST, Super Junior’s Heechul officially enlisted in the military and entered the camp at Chongnam for his 4 week basic military training. Before leaving, he said, “I’ll come back a better man. Thank you all for coming here.” Since his entrance to begin his mandatory military services, photos of Heechul during his training has emerged.

On September 29th, it was revealed that Heechul had finished his 4 week basic military training and will begin his duties as a public service personnel for the next 23 months as of September 30th at the Seoul Seongdong-gu office.

Heechul will serve as a public service personnel due to the iron rods he acquired in his leg after his car accident in 2006 that required him to have a major surgery done.

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[NEWS]11.09.24 Han Geng lawsuit update from his Chinese Company


Today, (Sept, 27th) Han Geng’s current Compant Le Hua Ent sent a statement and the legal documentations confirming Han Geng and SM’s exclusive contract dispute ended in the voiding of the exclusive contract.

====== skips section restating why lawsuit was filed etc ==========


In regards to the Seoul High Court case number 2011-13014 in regards to the case of the validity of the exclusive contract, Han Geng and SM has reached an amicable mutual agreement. Ending in Han Geng filing a “Notice of Appeal Withdrawal”.

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[NEWS]11.09.27 Park Gyuri of Kara will no longer work as a DJ of Sim Sim Tapa

On the 26th, a representative of Kara revealed, “Park Gyuri will no longer work as a DJ after one year and five months. She was attached to this job, but decided to stop working due to hectic schedules abroad.”

Park has a musical, Beautiful Girl, to perform in Japan and also has to promote their albums abroad.

Park attracted much attention as she worked as a DJ with MC Shindong. The replacement for Park hasn’t been decided yet. Therefore Shindong will emcee Sim Sim Tapa by himself.

Currently, Kara is performing in Korea with “Step” of their 3rd album.  The song ranked first place on SBS’s Inkigayo, Mnet’s M! Countdown, and KBS 2TV’s Music Bank.

Source: TvReport

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[NEWS]11.09.27 Are you really Super Junior’s Shindong? You must be the god of dieting

At 12:24 a.m. on September 27, Heo Il Hoo, a news anchor for MBC TV station, tweeted the comment: “I met Shindong today I haven’t seen for a while. He was no longer the chubby boy I’ve known. He is now a slim guy with big eyes.”

He posted a photo by adding a comment: “I wish Super Junior good speed! The photo was taken by a goddess.”

In the photo, Heo was captured with Shindong in a friendly pose. Shindong appears to have gone through a significant transformation.

He has long kept her plump, easy-going image, but now he shows off charismatic, manly appeals thanks to his slim figure and well-defined facial features.

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