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[Vid/fancam] 11.09.17 Korea in Motion – Super Junior Performances (Sungmin&Eunhyuk focus)



[INFO]11.09.19 Hangeng Schedule in Indonesia

21 September, Jakarta (CLOSED to the public)

6-7 pm Radio Talkshow at TBC Radio Station

22 September, Jakarta (OPEN to the public)

9-11am Live Talkshow at DAHSYAT, RCTI Station, Kebon Jeruk

23 September, Surabaya (CLOSED to the public)

7-8 pm Radio Talkshow at Hard Rock Radio Station


> SEND FULL NAME, NOMOR PELANGGAN & HOME ADDRESS  to AniPuspitasari@Indovision.tv. Only for the first 35 Senders/Winners. 1 Winner can take 1 other person.

1 – 1.30 pm Exclusive Meet & Greet at Sheraton Hotel

24 September, Surabaya (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

2 – 3 pm Meet & Greet at Indovision’s Anniversary Event, Atrium Mal

Tunjungan Plaza

Source+Photo: indovision.tv
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[NEWS]11.09.18 Choi Si Won reveals his fantastic abs on Poseidon

Choi Siwon who appears as the main character of KBS 2TV’s Poseidon that will air its first episode the 19th, revealed his fantastic abs.

According to the production company Annex Telecom on the 18th, Choi showed off his abs on the recording site in Paju, Gyung Gi.

Choi lifts weight for over two hours a day to stay fit. It is said that Choi trained regularly for Poseidon since it has a lot of action scenes.

In the TV series, Choi Siwon plays the role of Kim Seon Woo, who is the best policeman on the team until encountering a mysterious investigation. Kim Seon Woo joins Nineth investigation team, which was made to solve this particular problem, and tries to solve the mystery with his quick reasoning and keen sensation.

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[NEWS] 11.09.19 Super Junior’s Kim Kibum features in ELLE magazine


Fans have always questioned the whereabouts of Super Junior’s Kim Kibum as he has not participate in a group album since his appearance in the album “Sorry Sorry.” Recently, Kim Kibum made an appearance in the fashion magazine ELLE for the October issue and presented a fashionable look for his pictorial.

A more mature and masculine Kim Kibum is seen, unlike the boyish and cute Kim Kibum who first made his debut with Super Junior in 2005.

According to officials, the pictorial was shot in a hotel suite and modeled various facial expressions and poses that gained admiration from the staff.

Kim Kibum will make his first appearance in over 3 years in the upcoming SBS drama “Tree With Deep Roots,” which also stars Jang Hyuk, Han Sukkyu, Shin Sekyung, Yoon Jemoon, Jo Jinwoong.

The drama is set to air on October 5th with 24 episodes set for broadcast.


Source: Newsen

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[NEWS].11.09.19 SUJU member Eunhyuk receives a love call

Super Junior member Eunhyuk has received a love call!

Super Junior member Eunhyuk has been picked by ‘1 night and 2 days’ PD Na Young Suk as the most sought after variety show entertainer.

After Kang Ho Dongs unfortunately temporary leave of the entertainment industry, it has been revealed that PD Na Young Suk has stated, “I would like to work with Eunhyuk.”

PD Na Young suk commented, “We will wrap up ‘1 Night and 2 Days’ with the existing members,” showing no sign of Eunhyuk’s possible chance of being casted on the show.

However, PD Na Young Suk has also stated, “I would like to work with Eunhyuk because of his pure heart and how nicely he treats people.” “He isn’t better looking than his other members of the group and he always receives harsh criticism from them,” says PD Na Young Suk about his potential value as a rising variety show entertainer.

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[NEWS]11.09.18 Super Junior’s Yesung shares a baby photo

On September 18th, Super Junior‘s Yesung shared a new baby photo of himself on his Twitter!

Yesung wrote, “I think I look better then than I do now.  Goodnight, everyone.”

The baby photo reveals that even back then, Yesung had big, round eyes, and milky skin — features that aren’t all too far off from his current image.

Fans cooed over this adorable photo of Yesung, as they commented, “You’re still cute even now”, “You’re fine now”, “So lovely”, “I want to have a son like this”, “You look more handsome now”, and “Just so adorable!”

Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver

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[NEWS]11.09.18 Super Junior’s Leeteuk hands out 1,000 rice drinks on ‘Dream Team 2′

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk personally handed out 1,000 rice drinks to spectators while guesting on KBS2TV‘s ‘Dream Team 2‘.

The show aired a new episode on September 18th, and the members of Super Junior were seen competing against an opposing team comprised of Block B‘s Jaehyo, actor Sun Woong, and more.

To start, the Super Junior boys played a little headbutting game, in which they competed amongst themselves to see who could bunt a sports ball farthest down the line. To raise the stakes, MC Lee Chang Myung proposed that the loser of the game hand out 1,000 rice drinks for the seated spectators.

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