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[Vid/Preview] 110914 Celebrity Tour Guides – Super Junior M in Taiwan


[PICS] 11.09.14 KBS TALK SHOW ‘HELLO’ (7Pics)



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[PICS] 11.09.06 SUKIRA – Leeteuk (5 Pics)



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[NEWS] 11.09.14 Super Junior Kim Hee Chul Enjoys The Memorable Choo Seok at KATC

When people of our traditional holiday ‘Choo-Seok’, they usually think of gathering family, traditional foods. However, for training recruits, spending Choo-Seok at KATC makes them miss thier family more and more. Approximately 120-thousands of recruits are training at KATC. How do they spend Choo-Seok, here?
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[Vid/Info]11.09.14 Heechul Display photo of Sohee in His Closet While Training

Heechul sends a video greeting from military training for Chuseok. He hopes that his fans had a happy moments with their family.

But what’s more interesting is the picture of a girl behind him. Netizens concluded that she’s none other than Wonder Girls’ Sohee, whom Heechul expressed his likeness even before.

Heechul has been transparent and frank in expressing his affection towards Sohee even before he enters army.

Watch the video here:



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[NEWS] 11.09.14 Shindong Revealed His Diet’s Momentum

Super Junior Shindong revealed his diet’s momentum on KBS 2TV ‘Hello’ aired on September 12th.

He opened the topic by explaining why he wanted to lose weight, “I really want to wear baggy pants “. Baggy pants are a bit roomy around the butt area, so he thought that it’d look more attractive if he weighed less.
Shindong then expressed his sadness, “Although there was an extra room, my thigh wouldn’t fit into it!”. Somewhat, baggy pants wouldn’t fit Shindong ever.

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[NEWS]11.09.15 Kim Hee Chul Responds to The Critics About His Military Service

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul speaks about the reason why he couldn’t join the military as a full time soldier and instead had to settle for a public service worker position.

Kim Heechul’s last ‘Radio Star’ episode before enlisting in the military was aired on the 14th.

On this day, Kim Heechul spoke about the criticism he’s been receiving about him not joining the military as a full time soldier. He stated, “As a member of Super Junior, I used to get lots of criticism for being a poor dancer. However, after it was ruled that I wasn’t qualified to join the military as a full time solider, the same people have been on my case for being too good of a dancer”.

Kim Heechul continued, “I was involved in a huge car accident 4 years back. My left leg was shattered due to the accident and I had many steel rods inserted in my leg” and he explained why he wasn’t medically fit to serve as a full time soldier.

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