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[NEWS]11.09.13 Super Junior’s Heechul cheers on SM Town participants

Despite not being able to participate in this year’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships“, Super Junior‘s Heechul was seen at the venue cheering on his bandmates while enjoying the beautiful weather.

With an umbrella in his hand, Heechul jokingly remarked, “Team SM will only come to their senses once they come last,” but still showed his love for his labelmates as he added, “But anyway, to our team: fighting!”

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[NEWS] 11.09.13 Super Junior’s Leeteuk hilariously cheats during men’s 110m hurdles

On September 13th, Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk put his variety skills on full display at MBC‘s ‘3rd Idol Star Athletics Championships‘, providing much laughter for viewers and fellow contestants alike.

Because he was disqualified from the same 110m hurdles at the second championships, fans were looking forward to seeing how he’d fare this time.  As soon as the whistle blew, however, Leeteuk skirted to the side and ran the entire race without jumping over any hurdles.

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[NEWS]11.09.13 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk ‘jumps like an anchovy’?

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk made the panelists cheer wildly for him by showing perfect form during part one of MBC‘s Chuseok special, ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘.

Boom raised anticipation for Eunhyuk’s performance in the men’s 100m hurdles by commenting, “Eunhyuk will jump over those hurdles with the smoothness of an anchovy in a pond.”

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[PICS]11.09.10 Hangeng – ‘My Kingdom’ Premiere in Hong Kong (4Pics)




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[Vid/Cut] Eunhyuk Dislikes Girls Wearing ‘Belly Pants’

In September 12th episode of KBS talk show “Hello”, Eunhyuk and Shindong were asked what they want their girlfriends to wear.

Eunhyuk bluntly said that the dislikes girl wearing “belly pants”, or those pants which the waistline is above the belly. The host keep on insisting what if the girl really likes to wear it and Eunhyuk responded with a deep sigh explaining that he will buy her other pants.

On the onther hand, Shindong admitted taht he likes girls with thick make ups.

Watch the translated short clip below:

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[NEWS]11.09.13 Super Junior Donghae Recovers from Injury, ‘It’s Sad that Siwon’s Not Here”

Idol group Super Junior’s member Donghae has recovered from his injury, and once again appeared on the stage of SBS’s “Inkigayo”.

During the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) special episode of Inkigayo that was broadcast on the 11th, Super Junior performed title tracks “Mr. Simple” and “Superman” from their newest album.

Having reached their goal of triple crown with consecutive wins for the past three weeks, Super Junior attracted much attention by performing a stage only presentable by a top idol group.

Previously, Donghae was injured during the recording of KBS2TV’s “Dream Team” and had to sit on a chair during their performance. Now having returned to dance with his members after recovering from his injury, Super Junior’s stage seemed especially charismatic.

Another member, Choi Siwon, was busy with the filming of KBS2TV’s “Poseidon”, hence was unable to perform on stage.

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[NEWS]11.09.13 ‘Hello’ Super Junior revealed Yesung’s responsibilities in the dorm

Among members of Super Junior, one who is in charge of exterminating bugs is Yesung.

On the recent broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Nation Talk-show Hello!’ on September 12th at 11:05PM, public figures appeared as guest to talk about their anxieties in a segment called ‘Anxious vs. Release’

Eunhyuk who always feels anxious because he couldn’t catch bugs sadly expressed, “I can never catch a bug.”

MC Cool Two asked, “Then who gets rid of them in Super Junior’s dorm?” to which Super Junior answered, “Yesung is responsible for that.”

Shindong who shares the same level of fear of bugs praised, “Yesung is really good at catching bugs.” causing laughters to explode on the set.



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[Vid/Cut] 11.09.09 KyuHyun dancing & singing to Kyumin (Hello Baby Season 4/Eps.2)