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[NEWS] 11.09.06 Hankyung at the Premiere for “My Kingdom”

ecently, former Super Junior member Hankyung has been busy promoting his upcoming movie “My Kingdom.” He assisted in a series of activities and premieres for his movie. The activities included public appearances in Beijing and Shanghai and also will include Guangzhou on September 7, Chengdu Premiere in September 8, and an Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Herbal Medicine in Anhui, Bozhou on September 9.

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[NEWS] 11.09.06 Donghae’s romantic proposal with hand-written love letter revealed!

Super Junior member Donghae’s handwritten love letter to a female idol has been revealed.

Donghae personally wrote a love letter for one of the female cast members during the filming of SBS Holiday Special ‘Star Affection Village’, and has successfully shaken not just her heart, but also the rest of the cast.

Because of his leg injury from another broadcast, the production team had been worried as to whether Donghae could attend the filming. Fortunately, despite his condition, Donghae came to the set. He struggled through the filming, but because of the cast he couldn’t participate as actively as usual.

He tried to captivate the female idol’s heart with a handwritten love letter, expressing what he had in his mind as well as a truthful confession. Donghae wasn’t the only one who proposed, but also other male members of the cast, which created an intense battle.

‘Star Affection Village’, featuring 6 male idols and 5 female idols going all out to find their partner, will be aired on September 13th at 8:35PM.

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[PICS] 11.09.02 Sukira (3Pics)



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[PICS] 11.09.01 Sukira (3Pics)


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[INTERVIEW/TRANS] 11.09.07 Super Junior In YG Magazine Issue 379


Translation: –
Super Junior has came back! Yes, this time they came back with 5th album 《Mr. Simple》. What does this song title actually mean? When you first saw their album concept, have you got shocked? Hehe… There are certain members who can’t accept their concept~ Who do you think he is? Let’s not waste time and have a look at the interview with members~

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[NEWS] 11.09.07 Leeteuk jokes about Shindong’s double eyelid surgery on ‘Strong Heart’

On the recent episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, Shindong of Super Junior received a lot of praise for his new slimmer figure. Shindong joked, “After losing weight, I started to get double eyelids naturally,” referring to his recent cosmetic surgery.

The singer had previously let the cat out of the bag on Twitter, stating that he would give his fans a discount if they wanted to get the same surgery at the same hospital. Host Kang Ho Dong remarked,“Was it surgery? Or was it a mistake?”

Fellow Super Junior member Leeteuk responded, “In my opinion, it was a mistake,” causing the entire studio to laugh.

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[MISC] 11.09.07 SM Entertainment’s handsome “Kyu-line” meet up

The members of the handsome ‘Kyu-line’ from SM Entertainment recently got together.

On September 5th, Kyuhyun tweeted, “The legendary Kyu-line met up once again after a long time..”and uploaded the above picture.

In the picture, Kyuhyun poses together with SHINee’s Minho and TVXQ’s Changmin. Because the three men are known for their good looks in their respective groups, it seems as though the picture shone through even more.

Netizens commented, “I didn’t know that SM’s good looking guy line meet up through Kyuhyun“, “It’s more like a painting than a picture“, and “Now this is eyecandy“.

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