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예성이는 내일도쿄돔콘서트를위해 연습가는중이예요 ^^ 날씨가 참많이 선선해졌네요~~ 5번째추천영화입니다!Everybody’s Fine ~~ 가족의 소중함을 느껴보세요^^ yfrog.com/h0voqvdj
Yesungie is currently in the midst of rehearsing for tomorrow’s concert in Tokyo ^^ The weather has become much cooler today ~~ The 5th movie that I’m going to recommend is Everybody’s Fine ~~ Let’s all try to experience the preciousness of a family ^^http://yfrog.com/h0voqvdj

Source: @shfly3424
Translated by KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-World.Net

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