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[NEWS] 11.09.01 Baek Chungkang thanks Super Junior’s Sungmin for helping him at the MBC “Idol Sports Competition”

On August 27th, MBC “Star Audition” winner Baek Chungkang participate in the 100cm race for MBC’s Chuseok special show “Idol Sports Competition.” During his run, he suddenly fell into a nasty tumble and from the looks of photos taken, his ankle had been twisted at an odd angle.

However, he was not badly hurt and only acquired a few bruises. It was reported at the time that at the time of the fall, Super Junior’s Sungmin and Leeteuk had quickly run over to help him.

On August 30th, Baek Chungkang expressed his gratitude to his seniors and said, “Were you surprised the other day? I’m sorry for worrying you all. You don’t have to worry. Thank you very much Sungmin hyung for helping me.”

In addition to his message, he shared a photo of himself wearing big headphones around his neck and pouting cutely at the camera.

Netizens replied to him, “I’m glad you’re okay,” “Be careful not to get hurt again,” and “You look great during vigorous activities.”

Baek Chungkang has also been chosen as the PR ambassador for Korean Day on October 5th.

Source: DC News

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[NEWS] 11.08.30 Zhang Liyin, Super Junior, f(x), &Kangta to perform at “Three Nation Concert” in Beijing in September

On September 25th, Beijing will hold an annual fall concert sponsored by CCTV featuring artists from three different nations: Japan, Korea, and China. The concert was officially announced with the lineup on August 29th.

SM Entertainment artists Zhang Liyin, Kangta, Super Junior, Super Junior-M and f(x) have been confirmed to perform along with China’s Nicholas Tse, David Tao, Li Yuchun, 12 Girls Band, and Japan’s Kuraki Mai, Happiness and EXILE.

The concert will be held at the Beijing Olympic Stadium Bird’s Nest and will begin on September 25th at 7PM.

Source: Chocolyn, Ajnews and Baidu

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[NEWS] 11.08.31 Super Junior’s Heechul preps for his entry into the military and reveals his new haircut

Super Junior’s Heechul will finally be entering the military to fulfill his 2 year mandatory services to his country on September 1st. He is the 2nd Super Junior member following Kangin, who is set to return next year, to enter the military. After the news was reported, many fans expressed their sadness as well as farewells to Heechul.

It was revealed by SM Entertainment that “they [Heechul and Leeteuk] wanted to enlist quietly without any commotion.”

Late on Wednesday, August 31st, Heechul tweeted a photo of himself with his new buzz cut ahead of entering the military and said that he reminded himself of the female singer Choonja, who is known for her shaved head.

Earlier that day, Heechul had met with singer Kim Janghoon to record a duet, the final gift for his fans before his enlistment. The duet single is set to be released in September, according to SM Entertainment. Heechul also tweeted the photo of himself and Kim Janghoon sitting side by side with his long hair still intact and obviously prior to getting his new haircut.

Heechul will be enlisted in the army starting September 1st at Chongnam, Noksan and will enter the residential army camp where he will stay for 4 weeks to undergo basic military training. He will then proceed to serve as a public service personnel for 23 months.

Because Heechul wanted to enlist quietly, it isn’t certain at this time whether fans or the media will be allowed to see Heechul off. Usually, celebrities who are sent off to the military for their 2 year duties will hold a photo session, a press conference, and have their fans present at the gate of the training camp.

Source: 10Asia

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[NEWS] 11.08.31 Heechul says “Thank You” in over a dozen languages to fans all over the world

On August 31st, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul tweeted “Thank you” in numerous languages to express his gratitude to his fans.

Written in English, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean, the message threaded fans together from all over the world, as they all felt equal levels of love and sorrow for the star.

They commented, “I’m more thankful“, “I will continue to be your fan“, and “I will wait. Take care of your body and return safely.”

Kim Heechul will leave his celebrity life behind on September 1st to attend a four-week basic training camp, after which he will serve as a public service worker in the military.

Heechul, your humor and wit will be missed! Fighting!


Source+ Image: OSEN via Naver & Kim Heechul’s Twitter

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[NEWS] 11.08.31 Super Junior’s Ryeowook and ZE:A’s Hyungshik to finally perform together on ‘The Wolf’s Temptation’

On September 22nd and 28th, Super Junior’s Ryeowook and ZE:A’s Hyungshik will be performing together for the very first time for their musical, ‘The Wolf’s Temptation‘!

Although both idols were cast for the musical, they performed during different times, which made it difficult for the two to be seen on the same stage. Thanks to a special ‘Dream Day‘ concert, however, the two will finally be coming together to perform on one stage.

Previously, Ryeowook had expressed a desire of performing with Hyungshik through Twitter.  He wrote, “There will come a day where we’ll be able to perform together, right?  Let’s beg the PD.”

On Ryeowook’s first performance day, Hyungshik sent congratulatory wreaths with the message, “We will one day stand on the same stage, right?”

Fans hoping to see the two together have made countless requests, but due to the busy schedules of both stars, it seemed next to impossible. Fortunately, Ryeowook and Hyungshik continued to work with their agencies to balance out a day before eventually coming up with their ‘Dream Day’ concert.

Representatives of Star Empire explained, “Ryeowook really took care of dongseng Hyungshik. He personally made a visit to Hyungshik’s first performance and monitored his acting for him.  He’s a senior in so many ways to Hyungshik and he always gave him so much support and advice.  Hyungshik really looks up to him as a rock to depend on.”

They continued, “On days where they don’t have stages, they’ll work out their schedule so that they can rehearse together until the early morning.  Hyungshik really wanted this stage together with Ryeowook so we’re sure that it’s a meaningful event for him.  We hope that it also becomes a great present for the fans as well.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

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[NEWS]11.08.31 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun reveals stories of his hardships during his early debut days

On the August 30th episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shared stories from his early days as a member of Super Junior.

Kyuhyun began, “I wasn’t a trainee for very long. I had trained for about 2 months when I became a member of Super Junior.”

He explained that when he joined the group, Super Junior was a rookie group who had debuted only 6 months ago, and already had 12 members. It was hard enough to receive adequate screen time when there were 12 members, so Kyuhyun had feared that the members would dislike him for joining the group.

He continued, “On my second day at the agency, I ran into the Super Junior members, who were said to be so busy that people were seldom able to catch a glimpse of them. I was so nervous that I just slightly nodded my head and said ‘Hello’, but Leeteuk-hyung coldly replied, ‘Excuse me, but that’s not how you greet someone’. Of course, at the time I had made a mistake, but the members seemed to dislike me from the beginning.”

Kyuhyun shocked the cast members when he added, “When I joined Super Junior and moved into the dorm, all the members each had their own bed except for me. They told me just to sleep anywhere, so I ended up sleeping in a sleeping bag next to Yesung’s bed for a month, between Donghae and Sungmin’s beds for a month, and so on for about 9 months.

Kyuhyun also shared a story of how Leeteuk had told him to cook some ramen for the members, but since he had to prepare enough ramen for 13 people, he accidentally used too much water. Seeing this, Leeteuk had angrily scolded Kyuhyun while throwing his chopsticks aside.

Ryeowook later recalled an episode involving Kyuhyun and said, “We have a rule saying that you cannot be drunk inside the dorm, but one day Kyuhyun consumed an entire bottle of soju before returning back home. He then came to lie down on my bed and said, ‘Ryeowook, I’m so tired,’ while shedding tears.”

He continued, “I was also going through a tough time, so I asked him, ‘Why? Because of who? I think I’ll be able to understand you,’ to which Kyuhyun replied, ‘Leeteuk-hyung…’, and then drifted off to sleep.

However, despite the obstacles he had to face in his earlier Super Junior days, Kyuhyun expressed the high level of respect and love he now holds for his group’s leader. When Super Junior won their first award, all the members shed tears of joy, but Kyuhyun forced himself to hold back his tears, thinking that he had no right to cry for this achievement.


He stated, “The members continued to cry once we returned to the waiting room, and I truly wanted to cry along with them.” But once Leeteuk looked up to see Kyuhyun standing awkwardly amongst the other members, he came over to give him a warm embrace and said, “You worked hard too, Kyuhyun“.

With these words, all the tears Kyuhyun had been holding back came rushing out, and all the wounds from Leeteuk’s cold scoldings in the past were washed away. He added that after this experience, he felt like he had finally been accepted as a member of Super Junior.

Leeteuk responded to these stories by saying, “It’s because we have a strong foundation of faith and trust in each other that we are able to share stories like these. I think that’s how comfortable we feel around each other now“, impressing viewers with his wise words.










Source + Photo: Newsen (1),(2)via Nate

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[NEWS] 11.08.31 Kim Heechul to release a new duet with Kim Jang Hoon in September


It’s just been revealed that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul had a meaningful recording session with legendary singer Kim Jang Hoon.

On August 31st, Kim Jang Hoon’s representative revealed, “The song that Kim Jang Hoon and Kim Heechul sang together will be released in mid-September. Kim Heechul is at the recording studio singing his part right now.

In response to the hype surrounding his last-minute recording session, Kim Heechul tweeted, “Kim Heechul Kim Jang Hoon duet. Jang Hoon hyung gave me the last present of my 20’s,” and uploaded a picture of himself posing with Kim Jang Hoon at the studio.

Meanwhile, after receiving basic training at Choongnam, Nonsan for four weeks, Kim Heechul will serve his country for 23 months of mandatory military service as a public service worker. Kim Heechul was involved in a huge car accident back in 2006, and had to have eight metal support pins inserted into his lower body. Because of this, he had to sign up for the less physically demanding public service position.

Source + Photo: Star News

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