[NEWS]11.09.01 Super Junior’s Donghae and Jewelry’s Eun Jung to appear on “Star Affection Village” Chuseok special


SBS has announced that Super Junior’s Donghae and Jewelrys Eun Jung recently completed filming for this year’s Chuseok special, “Star Affection Village“.

“Star Affection Village” is a celebrity version of the reality show, “Spouse“, in which a few celebrities camp out together at a village in order to find their perfect “match” for each other.

The female cast line-up include gagwoman Kang Ye Bin, Jewelry’s Eun Jung, and actresses Kim Ha Eun, Lee Hae In, and Ahn Jin Kyung.

Meanwhile, the male line-up includes Super Junior’s Donghae, singer Park Hyun Bin, artist Choi Hyun Woo, gagman Kim Kyung Jin, SBS  announcer Kim Joo Woo, and actor Hwan Ji Noh.

SBS stated that Donghae and Eun Jung both completed the one-night, two-days filming at the village without their managers or stylists, as a way to preserve the free-flowing nature of the recording without any interruptions.

Stay tuned for the special Chuseok episode on September 13th!

Source: Money Today Star News via Daum

taken from VITALWARNING @ allkpop.com ; shared here by misty @ forsujuindonesia.com

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