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[NEWS] 11.09.01 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to perform with his older sister on “Immortal Song 2″

This week’s episode of KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song 2″ will see Super Junior’s Kyuhyun perform on stage alongside his older sister and violinist, Cho Ara.

For his performance, Kyuhyun will be singing Jun Ram Hee’s “A Study of a Memory”, which will be accompanied by the soothing melody of his older sister’s violin. Cho Ara has been playing the violin for close to 20 years now, and recently completed her international studies in Vienna to become a professional musician.

Kyuhyun revealed, “I’ve never stood on stage with my nuna before, so the thought of being able to perform with her gave me strength.”

Meanwhile, this week’s episode will also show Jay Park’s b-boying skills as he sings to Deux’s “Reflecting On Myself”, while 4minute’s Jihyun performs “Coming Of Age” by Park Ji Yoon.


Source: Star News

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[NEWS]11.09.01 Super Junior’s Donghae and Jewelry’s Eun Jung to appear on “Star Affection Village” Chuseok special


SBS has announced that Super Junior’s Donghae and Jewelrys Eun Jung recently completed filming for this year’s Chuseok special, “Star Affection Village“.

“Star Affection Village” is a celebrity version of the reality show, “Spouse“, in which a few celebrities camp out together at a village in order to find their perfect “match” for each other.

The female cast line-up include gagwoman Kang Ye Bin, Jewelry’s Eun Jung, and actresses Kim Ha Eun, Lee Hae In, and Ahn Jin Kyung.

Meanwhile, the male line-up includes Super Junior’s Donghae, singer Park Hyun Bin, artist Choi Hyun Woo, gagman Kim Kyung Jin, SBS  announcer Kim Joo Woo, and actor Hwan Ji Noh.

SBS stated that Donghae and Eun Jung both completed the one-night, two-days filming at the village without their managers or stylists, as a way to preserve the free-flowing nature of the recording without any interruptions.

Stay tuned for the special Chuseok episode on September 13th!

Source: Money Today Star News via Daum

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[NEWS] 11.08.31 Super Junior’s Leeteuk is the first man to set foot in SISTAR’s dorm

In an upcoming episode of KBS JOY’s ‘Super Junior and SISTAR’s Hello Baby‘, Leeteuk made a surprise visit to SISTAR’s dorm!

SISTAR’s dorm has never been shown on TV before, and even their managers have been barred from entering the sacred place.  Despite the members blocking him from entering, Leeteuk became the first ever male to set foot in their dorm.

Leeteuk immediately put the opportunity to use by bringing out his variety skills.  Not only did he dig around every corner of their rooms, but even revealed their diaries and searched for any traces of possible boyfriends.

Check out other fun scenes like Super Junior’s reaction to Leeteuk becoming a father and SISTAR’s cute display of aegyo in an effort to win the affections of baby Kyumin.  It all airs on September 2nd at 12 AM KST!
















Source + Photos: Joy News 24 via Naver

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[NEWS] 11.09.01 KBS releases official teasers for “Poseidon”

After being delayed by numerous setbacks, it looks like “Poseidon” is ready to launch!

Broadcasting station KBS has just released two teasers for the drama, which includes some exciting action shots and appearances from its main stars. “Posedion” will draw in both drama viewers and idol fans alike, as it boasts an all-star roster for its cast. Handsome Super Junior member Choi Siwon was seen in multiple shots, and it looks like TVXQ’s Yunho was there as well.

Check out the previews for “Poseidon” below!


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[NEWS]11.09.01 Vivid Scenes of SMTOWN Live in Tokyo will be Released Through Facebook Worldwide!

September 1, 2011

Vivid Scenes of SMTOWN Live in Tokyo will be Released Through Facebook Worldwide!

Global Fans’ Enthusiastic Responses are Expected!


Vivid scenes of SM artists’ joint concert, SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION, will be released through facebook worldwide.


‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION’ will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan for three days (September 2nd ~ September 4th) in front of 150,000 audiences and it is expected to make headlines since photos of SM artists such as Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), etc. are scheduled to be updated continuously on facebook SMTOWN page (www.facebook.com/smtown). Pictures will be taken at the airport, backstage and concert.


Besides the pictures, highlights of the concert and video of opening ceremony will be released as well and the concert news will be updated in both Japanese and English. Therefore, it is predicted to draw more intense interest.


Especially, about 130 postings which were uploaded during the SMTOWN concert in Paris (held in June 2011) received almost 80 million views worldwide and proved SM’s global brand power so the concert at Tokyo Dome is also expected to receive explosive response from fans all over the world.


Meanwhile, SMTOWN WORLD TOUR will be held at Madison Square Garden (New York) which is considered as the most prestigious arena in the American pop industry on October 23rd.


source: Super Junior Official Facebook ; shared by misty@ forsujuindonesia.wordpress.com


[INFO] 11.09.01 SMTOWN NYC seating chart released, stage runway layout unveiled

SM Entertainment’s concert extravanganza starring the entire SM family, “SMTOWN”, has raised excitement as news spread of it being scheduled to hit New York. The concert will occur on October 23rd at Madison Square Garden in New York City. An SMTOWN NYC seating arrangement has now been posted on the official Livenation website.

The much-anticipated stage layout for SMTOWN NYC has been showcased via the seating chart as well. The floor will be split into three different sections with the runway separating them, as opposed to the SMTOWN LA floor layout of four sections. Ticket details have yet to be revealed.

In other news, SMTOWN is set to perform multiple dates in Tokyo on the nights of September 2nd to 4th, with an estimated attendance figure of 150,000.


Source: Livenation

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[NEWS] 11.09.01 Heechul says farewell to fans and officially departs for the military to fulfill his 2 year services

Fans across the world has assembled at the residential military camp in Chongnam, Noksan on September 1st at 11AM KST to wish Heechul farewell as he officially enters the military to fulfill his 2 year mandatory services to his country.

It was reported that over 400 fans from Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, China, Japan, in addition to Korean fans, and more have bid him a farwell, with some fans bursting into tears at the scene.

Fans created many banners wishing Heechul the best of luck with some saying, “Heechul, I love you” and “I’m looking forward to your return.” ELFs everywhere across the world are also waiting for news on his leave and are also expressing their sadness at Heechul’s military leave. One fan on an international website said, “Return safely and healthy from the military in two years and we’ll see you when you’re done.”

Other fans have said, “Your haircut looks nice. I still can’t believe you’ll be gone,” and “Have good health and take care of yourself.”

Heechul will enter the residential army camp where he will stay for 4 weeks to undergo basic military training. He will then proceed to serve as a public service personnel for 23 months. Heechul will serve as a public service personnel due to the iron rods he acquired in his leg after his car accident in 2006 that required him to have a major surgery done.

Prior to his enlistment, Heechul has been tweeting to his fans photos and thank yous for their endless support. A special duet single featuring Kim Janghoon and Heechul is set to be released sometimes in September as a last special gift to fans from Heechul.

ELF can now look forward to welcoming Super Junior’s Kangin next year as he returns from the military, but will also have to prepare themselves to say goodbye to Super Junior’s Leeteuk as he will soon enlist as well. A date has not been released on when Leeteuk will enlist.




Source: Star News (1), Star Today, and Hankyung

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