[NEWS] SJM guests on “Exceptionally Unlike Others”

Korean group Super Junior-M guests on “Exceptionally Unlike Others”

NetEase Entertainment reports on April 25th that Jiangsu Entertainment Channel will be undergoing a major revamp, and Jiangsu Entertainment’s top programme “Exceptionally Unlike Others” has invited popular Korean group Super Junior-M as their first guest in the revised edition of their programme. Although this is not Super Junior-M’s first guesting on programmes on the Jiangsu Entertainment Channel, fans were equally passionate when they found out about their eventual appearance, though they were more calm compared to the “out of control” situations during their previous visits. Throughout the entire filming process, the fans were in a very orderly manner, and the members of Super Junior-M also gave their all and prepared an interesting programme for everyone present. At the same instant where Super Junior-M was stunned after seeing 4 identical girls, interactive games which left everyone bursting out in laughter were carried out. The entire recording that night was conducted in a frenzy atmosphere. 

Super Junior-M’s appearance with enthusiastic yet calm fans

On the afternoon of 23rd of April, Super Junior-M arrived in Nanjing to root for the Jiangsu Entertainment Channel, appearing as guests on “Exceptionally Unlike Others” which is hosted by A-ya and Shitou. Many fans who found out about their schedule started lining up in an orderly manner outside the recording studio early in the morning in wait of their idols’ arrival. Among the sea of fans, the reporter found two excited middle-aged aunties who held banners saying “Love Hangeng the Most”, and they looked exceptionally eye catching standing amongst the crowd. When they were approached by the reporter, they said: “We were actually here to participate in another programme “It’s Different Tonight”, but when we found out about Super Junior-M’s appearance, we hurriedly came over to show our support to them, we are in fact their ardent fans.” One of the aunty excitedly said: “We really love Super Junior-M, the last time they came to Nanjing, few of my friends and I actually participated in (a recording of) a programme together with Hangeng, although Hangeng has now left the group, we will still continue to support them.”

Besides the middle-aged fans’ hand-held banner support, other fans also held fan boards while patiently waiting at the designated area. This orderly situation was totally different compared to the “out of control” situation seen during their previous visits, and in order to see their idols, there were a number of fans who had even climbed up the trees, while some just decided to stay overnight at the doorstep of the recording studio. When the idols appeared, the condition at the recording studio exterior was once difficult to control, so what was the reason for fans to appear much “calmer” than before?, Jiangsu entertainment’s staff member explained that: “In (the year) ’08, Super Junior-M gave their inaugural appearance to the Jiangsu Entertainment Channel, and back then very few fans had the chance to see their idols, therefore it was inevitable that some fans would have extreme and aggressive behaviours.” Now that the group is appearing more on China’s programmes, fans get more opportunities to get up close with their idols, the chance of seeing these celebrities have also increased, and fans also become more rational and calm in the course of pursuing their idols.

Perfect performance of “Perfection”, Eunhyuk admits of wanting to “marry” Donghae

Super Junior-M brought along their new album “Perfection” when they participated in the recording of “Exceptionally Unlike Others”. When they performed their title song “Perfection” for the opening, the recording atmosphere suddenly became “hotter”, and the production crew of “Exceptionally Unlike Others” were also very considerate as they set up various games using words from the group’s new album. The name of the games include “too voluptuous”, “too adorable”, “too pretentious” and others, with the careful planning of these games, not only were the audiences able to hear Super Junior-M’s moving vocals, some members even showed off outstanding dance performances under the influence of the crowd, giving a feast to one’s eyes for fans who usually could only see them sing and dance during their concerts, and the screams could be heard continuously throughout the programme.

Besides the conventional performances, Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi even offered his “first time”, singing while playing the piano on site, with the melodious accompaniment of the piano, he performed a song titled “Finally Said It”, and team member Kyuhyun disclosed: “Zhou Mi has practiced a lot in the dormitory before gaining the confidence to perform.” Kyuhyun then generously performed his idol Zhang Huimei’s classical song “If You’ve Also Heard” using Chinese. While the fans were still mesmerized by Kyuhyun’s beautiful singing voice, MC A-ya joked with Eunhyuk: “Today Donghae is not by your side, you must be really nervous right?” Ryeowook who was standing by the side pretended to be mysterious and he revealed: “Eunhyuk and Donghae are actually dating.” As soon as Ryeowook finished, the audiences laughed heartily to Ryeowook’s adorable disclosure. Eunhyuk who was initially quite reserved started to loosen up a little after seeing what happened, he smiled as he said: “I am the guy, Donghae is the girl, and we will get married if we get everyone’s permission.” Super Junior-M’s humour caused the recording atmosphere to reach its climax.

Appearance of Nanjing’s four “little phoenix” caused Super Junior-M to be stunned

Super Junior-M has brought such wonderful performances for “Exceptionally Unlike Others” and for that the production team also lived up to expectations by preparing a “big gift” for them. They secretly invited Nanjing’s four “little phoenix”, “Bing Qing Yu Jie”* who are 12 this year, who played “hide and seek” with Super Junior-M during the “too pretentious” segment, 3 of the 4 sisters initially hid among the audiences for the guests to seek, and after they were successfully identified, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were marvelled with the fact that the 3 girls were identically alike and were even more surprised when the remaining girl appeared from a mysterious box, Super Junior-M was stunned for a moment and the appearance of four “little phoenix” were as mystical as magic, and their fans were equally dumbstruck.

After the recording ended, the popularity of four “little phoenix” were comparable to that of Super Junior-M where they were surrounded by fans who wanted pictures taken with them for keepsake. The four “little phoenix” were also very happy to participate in a programme with Super Junior-M, and when they were interviewed, they were still immersed in the excited state of mind as a result of the programme’s filming: “We really like Super Junior-M and we often listen to their songs, at first we didn’t know who will we be recording with, but when we found out that they are the guests, we were really happy.” 2 of the sisters even pointed at the poster that they were holding and said: “I like Kyuhyun the most while my little sister likes Sungmin a lot.” Looks like Super Junior-M’s unique charm has already infected fans from every age group.

* Name of each of the girls.

(Article source: NetEase Entertainment)

SOURCE: Southcn.com
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