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@GaemGyu: 사랑과 영혼.. 중학교때 아무생각없이 봤던 이 영화가 이렇게도 감동적인 것이었다니.. 1990년 영화라고는 믿을 수없는 센스와 그 외의 모든것이 갖춰진 영화!! (Whoopi Goldberg가 여기 나왔었다니..) http://t.co/wfQkHUQ

@GaemGyu: Love and Spirit.. when I thoughtlessly watched it in Junior high I didn’t think this movie was that touching.. a movie filled with sense and all that it’s unbelievable it’s from 1990!! (Whoopi Goldberg appears in this too..) http://t.co/wfQkHUQ

PS. “Love and Spirit” is the Korean title of Ghost.

Translated by. @pastakyu/GAIA @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with proper credits.

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