[INFO]Suju, Story of greeting the president the Idol way ‘laughter’

Suju, Story of greeting the president the Idol way ‘laughter’

“Hello we are Super Junior!”

Super Junior’s Shindong revealed a story of greeting the president the idol way on SBS quiz program “Fun Quiz Club” recently.

As soon as there was a quiz related to ways of greeting, Shindong revealed a past story that “Wherever Super Junior is, we always greet the Super Junior way” involving president Lee Myungpak.

Super Junior was in a children’s festival in the past, and Lee Myungpak was also present. As Leeteuk led the team with “Hello~ We are Super Junior!” the president replied awkwardly with “Ah… yes”.

Airs on 11th 8:50 PM.

*edited to only Super Junior parts

Source: TVDaily
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Shared by: ❤ ɾєηєєє —ʚϊɞ @ sj-world.net

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