[NEWS]Kim Heechul gets embarrassed by Kim Ja Ok 090411

Actress Kim Ja Ok recently gave a dose of embarrassment to Kim Heechul!

During MBC’s “The Night the Memories Shine Bright”, aired on April 7th, the original princess, Kim Ja Ok, and the original grandmother, Kim Soo Mi, showed off their witty conversations. However, at the beginning of the broadcast, Kim Ja Ok shocked the panel.

Kim Ja Ok stated, “It’s good to see Ryu Shi Won, Lee Kyung Shil, and Lee Hong Ryul again.” However, Kim Ja Ok could not remember Kim Heechul, who was sitting next to Lee Hong Ryul.

In the end, everyone had to tell her that he was Kim Heechul. Upon hearing that, Kim Ja Ok nodded and laughed. However, Kim Heechul’s embarrassment did not end there.

After being reminded of Kim Heechul’s name, Kim Ha Ok asked, “Who are you? Are you a singer?” Kim Heechul panicked and mumbled, “I am a multi-talented artist…”, and made everyone laugh.

Source + Picture: X Sport News via Yahoo! Korea
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