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1st News

Super Junior Kyuhyun involved in a car accident

Super Junior Kyuhyun suffered bruises during a recent car accident. On April 8th at 5AM, Kyuhyun was on his way to the Gwangju Culture & Art Center Grand Theater for his musical “Three Musketeers.”

A truck was in the process of changing lanes and hit Kyuhyun’s vehicle, causing an accident. Kyuhyun was sent to a nearby hospital. He acquired bruises on both his arms and legs, but initial diagnosis says that he seemed to not have suffered from any bone fractures or broken bones. Kyuhyun is currently getting an examination.

Due to the traffic accident, Kyuhyun’s may not make it for his April 8th show for his musical “Three Musketeers.”

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2nd News

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident

On April 8th, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident, leading him to be slightly injured.

Later that day, SM Entertainment officially announced, “Kyuhyun was treated for injuries resulting from a car accident. In order to perform for his musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘, Kyuhyun was driving to Kwangju Cultural Arts Center at 5AM. As he was trying to merge into a different lane, he hit a truck, resulting in a minor collision. He had slight bruises on his leg and arm, but fortunately, his bones weren’t injured. He is currently undergoing a physical examination to check for more possible injuries.”

In the late afternoon, Kyuhyun tried to reassure his fans by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry“.

Actor Uhm Ki Joon replaced Kyuhyun for April 8th’s performance of ‘The Three Musketeers’.

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3rd News

Group Super Juniors member Kyuhyun got hurt due to a collision accident on 8th morning.

The car Kyuhyun was in was heading towards GwangJu Arts Hall in order to perform the musical “Three Musketeers” when it collided with a truck changi

Kyuhyun has bruises on arms and legs but thankfully has nothing wrong with his bones, but is in for detailed examination just in case.

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4th News

According to a representative, Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident again at 5 AM while going to Gwangju, which is at about 90 minutes from Seoul. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment; apparently he only has bruises on his arms and legs, but no serious injury. The news say that the accident occurred in the vicinity of Jeongeup, there was a minor collision with a truck that was changing lanes. Although he got no more than bruises/contusions, he’s getting properly checked just to be sure that he is fine. Since the injuries aren’t big, Kyuhyun seems to not be worried either. It looks like he won’t be taking part in his last musical show tonight.

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5th News

KyuHyun involved in a car accident, #GetWellSoonKyuhyun

Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun was involved in a car accident earlier this morning and he injuted his hands and legs,as told by SME. “Around 5AM on Friday, Kyu Hyun was taken to a local hospital after crashing into a truck changing lanes. He was diagnosed with arm and leg contusions but no structural damages were found in his bones,” SME said through a statement. He is currently in a stable condition but is being closely examined in case of more serious problems.

Kyu Hyun was on his way to the southern city of Gwangju for his musical show, “The Three Musketeers,” but got hit by a truck around Jeong Eub, a small city near Gwnagju. Due to the injury, Kyu Hyun will not appear on Friday’s show. “The Three Musketeers” is Kyu Hyun’s first musical appearance as he was casted for the role of the main protagonist, D’Artagnan.

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