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[NEWS] SJ Kyuhyun involved in a car accident (5 Articles)

read this news carefully, because we get 5 articles/news from a few source..

1st News

Super Junior Kyuhyun involved in a car accident

Super Junior Kyuhyun suffered bruises during a recent car accident. On April 8th at 5AM, Kyuhyun was on his way to the Gwangju Culture & Art Center Grand Theater for his musical “Three Musketeers.”

A truck was in the process of changing lanes and hit Kyuhyun’s vehicle, causing an accident. Kyuhyun was sent to a nearby hospital. He acquired bruises on both his arms and legs, but initial diagnosis says that he seemed to not have suffered from any bone fractures or broken bones. Kyuhyun is currently getting an examination.

Due to the traffic accident, Kyuhyun’s may not make it for his April 8th show for his musical “Three Musketeers.”

Source: Newsen
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[UPDATE] Kyuhyun’s Tweets Translate 08.04.11

미안합니다.. 미안해요


I’m sorry.. sorry

source: Kyuhyun’s Twitter (@GaemGyu)
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[ARTICLE] The reason why SJ Sungmin had a big fight

The reason why SJ Sungmin had a big fight with his manager

Sungmin is known for his strict self-discipline and exceptionally high enthusiasm for educating.

He wanted to learn English and Japanese. So, he has signed up for a dawn course of the language institutions which is located nearby dorm.

After absorbing schedules till the late night, he got up at daybreak and went to language institution by his scooter. And he took a class with ordinary people.

However, Manager who accidentally discovered this was furious.

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[NEWS] SJM Breaks Big Bang’s Consecutive #1 Rank

For the month of March, Big Bang was ranked #1 on Sports Chosun’s 2011 Musician Power Ranking for 4 weeks. However, on the 5th week, SJM broke Big Bang’s hold of the #1 position. Currently, promoting ‘Tai Wan Mei”, the song is targeted for the Chinese music industry, thus they have not officially broadcasted it in Korea. But with the help of their fanclub, ELF, SJM was able to take hold of the #1 position. Currently, they are leading with more than 17,000 votes for week one of April.

Ranking: 50% is based on fans’ vote; 20% broadcast; 20% Music chart ranking; 10% articles

Credits: Naver & SportsChosun
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[PIC] Kyuhyun at Icheon Airport 06.04.11

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[PICS] Eunhyuk at Icheon Airport 06.04.11

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[PIC] Sungmin at Icheon Airport 06.04.11

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