[NEWS] SJ’s Heechul Labeled the Prettiest Male Idol

Super Junior’s Heechul Labeled the Prettiest Male Idol

If there’s a male idol who looks both handsome as a man and beautiful as woman, then that would be, without a doubt, Super Junior‘s Heechul.

On MBC‘s Idol Section TV recently, he was named as the prettiest male idol, and was even described as prettier than the members of SNSD. In the video, you can see the idol being dissed by comedian and fellow Radio Star host Kim Gura, with regards to the speculations of him being gay, alongside Epik High‘s Mithra Jin.

However, comedian Kim Shinyoung comes to the rescue in another clip, and even praises Heechul’s beauty by saying, “He’s not gay, but I think many men will like him. If I was ever to be born again, I hope to be born looking like Heechul.”

In addition to that, fans will surely be happy to see, past cuts of the variety show Love Letter, where Heechul proclaimed himself ‘Heesica’ and parodied the part of SNSD’s Jessica to their 2009 hit song Gee. And recently of course, his much talked about Lady Gaga parody during Super Junior’s Super Show 3 series of concerts all over Asia.

Check out the object of everyone’s envy, may it be boys or girls, in the video below!

Source Vid: sup3rjunior13@youtube.com
Written by: eren@Kpoplive.com
shared here by misty@forsujuindo

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