[UPDATE] Bianca’s weibo update about Donghae and Siwon 110405

今天排戲順利結束!大家都越來越進入角色了!始源的中文越來越好都可以聊天了~我告訴東海中文要加油嘿 . 我跟 @陳意涵 剛排完哭戲眼睛都腫腫的 看我的臉跟薑餅人比圓的..
Today’s rehearsals have ended smoothly! Everybody’s more into their roles already! Siwon’s chinese is getting so much better that we can chat with each other ~ I I told Donghae to work on his Chinese even harder . Me and @Chen Yi han have just ended the crying scenes’ filming (and) now our eyes are swollen. Look at my face , (I’m) comparing its roundness with the gingerbread..

Source: Bianca Bai’s Weibo
Translated by: yaywestwick @ sj-world.net

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