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[TRANSCRIPT] Sukira – Yesung, Leeteuk call out to Eunhyuk 04.04.11

Leeteuk: Today is our Eunhyuk’s birthday, for (the sake of) Eunhyuk-ssi, for (the sake of) our KTR listeners, let’s have a call-out session.
Leeteuk/Yesung: Hello!
Eunhyuk: Hello~
Leeteuk: Ah Eunhyuk-ssi, it’s been long since we last met~
Eunhyuk: it’s been long~
Leeteuk: are you living well?
Eunhyuk: yes, (I’m) living very well
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi (,) happy birthday~
Leeteuk/Yesung: (sings the birthday song)
Leeteuk: happy birthday
Eunhyuk: keke, thank you, but (it) seems like there’s no sincerity
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi, we’ve always been like this~
Eunhyuk: ah it’s a little nervous having a phone call session
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi, think of it like we’re having (the usual) broadcast recording~
Eunhyuk: (couldn’t figure out due to poor reception)
Leeteuk: ah, seems like it’s* going to end?

(call disconnected)

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[UPDATE] Bianca’s weibo update about Donghae and Siwon 110405

今天排戲順利結束!大家都越來越進入角色了!始源的中文越來越好都可以聊天了~我告訴東海中文要加油嘿 . 我跟 @陳意涵 剛排完哭戲眼睛都腫腫的 看我的臉跟薑餅人比圓的..
Today’s rehearsals have ended smoothly! Everybody’s more into their roles already! Siwon’s chinese is getting so much better that we can chat with each other ~ I I told Donghae to work on his Chinese even harder . Me and @Chen Yi han have just ended the crying scenes’ filming (and) now our eyes are swollen. Look at my face , (I’m) comparing its roundness with the gingerbread..

Source: Bianca Bai’s Weibo
Translated by: yaywestwick @ sj-world.net

[NEWS] 50 fans travelled along with Super Junior-M

50 fans travelled along with Super Junior-M, Eunhyuk screamed on his birthday because he was touched

Korean group Super Junior’s subgroup SJ-M who is currently having a short stopover in Korea is busy filming for various programmes. Earlier, in order to film a travel programme they went to Jingtong* station to buy a bamboo tube which is used for wish-making, and then went to Pingxi* to release sky lanterns. They also divided themselves into two groups to carry out a competition. During the competition, in order to exchange for free snacks, Ryeowook performed a small part from the song <<U>>. It has been reported that there were about 50 fans who were there to watch them do the filming, but the order was still well under control.

Yesterday was SJ-M member Eunhyuk’s 25th** birthday and fans specially went to the ground floor of their dorms, singing him the birthday song and set off fireworks to celebrate their idol’s birthday. After Eunhyuk heard what was going on, he secretly watched from upstairs and he was even moved to tears. Although he was persuaded by his manager to return to the dorm, he sneaked out again after half an hour and made a heart shape gesture to the fans.

*places in Taiwan
**26th according to Korean age

SOURCE: paper.wenweipo.com