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[UPDATE] Leeteuk’s Tweet Translate 03.04.11

터키 엘프!!!멀리서 늘 감사하고 고마워요^^


Turkey ELF!!!I’m always thankful and feel grateful from far away^^

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[NEWS] Intoxication Talk Part.4

Intoxication Talk Part 4: Trivia quiz “We Forgot to Count one more”

When the four of them received the examination paper, they put their heads together and thought of the answers. At first, they were somewhat confused. They incorrectly said the answer to the 11th question was statute of limitations and then correctly changed it to probation. They spent some time to come up the correct answer for the 17th question which was India.

Because there were four of them, they demonstrated their knowledge by getting the idioms right. On the 13th question which asked who the president of children is, Leeteuk joked that the president of children is Leeteuk. Regrettably, they missed the 18th question and received the total score of 95 points. They have scored the highest yet along with the last interviewee Kang Sooyeon.

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[NEWS] SJ-M hitting each other during games

SJ-M hitting each other during games on Taiwan’s programme, Siwon’s expression changed while Kyuhyun was close to tears

Internal strife within SJ-M, fiercely spanking each others’ bottom! Dong Feng’s <<Let’s Make Friends>> had earlier held an interview with SJ-M at the OLDIE GOODIE restaurant and the entrance was crowded with fans. During the programme, the members showed their talents, played games and during the “YES OR NO” segment, Zhoumi chose NO, and that gave him the authority to hit the other members’ bottoms. He first chose to hit Siwon. Siwon thought that Zhoumi would lift (the cane) high but give him a soft hit. Unexpectedly, Zhoumi does not give any chances when it comes to hitting someone, pa!* The pain caused Siwon’s expression to change on the spot.

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[NEWS] Donghae uses spare time to practice chinese

Immersed in Practicing Chinese SJ-M Donghae Does Not Let One Second Slip By

Donghae Makes Use of Spare Time During Schedules to Often Practice Chinese.
Super Junior-M (SJ-M) will appear on Mickey Huang’s UFO Radio programme as special guests for the Chinese-Korean education section. The members pre-recorded the programme on 1 April, Donghae who is about to film an idol drama made the most of his time to learn Chinese, while Mickey Huang was interviewing other people, he opened the Chinese-Korean electronic dictionary he carries around, working hard with his head down to practice Chinese.
Yesterday Mickey Huang also presented the members with EasyCards, tickets to the International Flora Expo and shopping bags, which would allow SJ-M to comfortably tour Taipei. SJ-M is diligently learning Chinese, recently they have made great improvements, Ryeowook says that when he went to buy bubble tea, there weren’t small cups that could be bought, so he changed and ordered a medium cup, also requesting “a little more pearls”.

Source: China Times
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