[NEWS] Hangeng laments having no time to date, dislikes girls who acts like a princess

After Han Geng left Super Junior to go solo, (the) results have been encouraging, other than scheduling for a concert to be held at Hong Kong, (Han Geng) also cooperated with Wu Chun to film for <My Kingdom>, resulting in (his) music and filming career to simultaneously develop at the same time. Due to (his) busy schedules, Han Geng revealed that he does not have enough time to find a girlfriend, but he exposed that he prefers girls that are gentle and quiet, (and) those that act like princesses are totally out of the question.
According to Hong Kong’s <Xing Tao Daily>, Han Geng expresses that he wishes to expand in Asia, including mainland China, Malaysia and Japan etc., talking about plans with regards to work for the future, he says, “(My) first movie (with me) being the main lead — <My Kingdom> is highly-anticipated, as well as releasing a new album, hopefully (they’d both) be huge breakthroughs, allowing the audience to witness a different Han Geng. Also, (I’d) hope to hold a concert at Hong Kong this year end.”

Han Geng revealed that (his) wanting to hold a concert at Hong Kong has something to do with Andy Lau, he says, “The previous time when I visited Hong Kong to attend an Andy’s concert, the feeling (was) really good, and has given me a lot of inspirations, thought of many interesting things, thinking of performing something different on stage. Of course, right now I can’t reveal (what exactly) are they! Must stay mysterious.” Han Geng said while laughing that if he has time to work out, he would show his muscles on stage, and would love to invite Jacky Cheung as (his concert’s) VIP guest, he happily remarks, “I love his songs, his charisma on stage, (and) of course would love to collaborate with him for a song, Jacky is also my motivation.”

Han Geng admits that after leaving Super Junior, he wasn’t used to it, saying, “My state of mind was very different, right now (I) feel more happy working, as the people that I’m working with understands each other. At first wasn’t used to it, but right now it’s okay! Maybe it’s due to stress. Last time it was a group of people up on stage, (but) now it’s one person alone on stage, but when I’m up on stage and hearing the audience’s applause, it makes me feel so touched.” Talking about the reason why he left the band then, he says, “It wasn’t a steadfast decision, it was a result after a prolonged period of time. It was communication problems, the cultural difference, and slowly derived the problem of today’s.”

(Despite his) job’s many demands, Han Geng has not thought of modulating his time for courtship, once he reaches home he goes into a deep sleep, when resting he stays at home to listen to songs, (yet) he doesn’t feel lonely at all. When questioned about the type of girls that he fancies, he says, “Must be well-behaved and understanding, kind and more on the quiet side. An optimistic girl would do fine as well, but (she) can’t be too out-spoken, because I’d be afraid of (her) being too annoying, ’cause when one’s noisy it can get pretty annoying.” Talking about many girls contracting the “princess disease”, Han Geng straightforwardly remarks, “Girls with the princess disease is a definite no-no! I also can’t stand girls that are too arrogant.”

Souce: Netease Entertainment
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Translated by: Gengxinn @ geng-bao.ne


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